Tuesday, June 28, 2011

sixth day of winning...

BREAKFAST: It is good that we did not have any rule about repeating meals! This is my 3rd day with the now infamous Fruit Loops. But I have a small secret to expose... these are actually the Kroger off-brand fruit loops. Not the real deal. But they are still quite scrumptious.

5 days of foods...

DAY 5...

BREAKFAST: Special K on its own is an alright choice for a breakfast food, but if you add in the "Chocolatey Delight" and its a whole new game. Add to that some 2% reduced fat milk from Kroger and you have one tasty breakfast. I also drank some coffee... as I do every day.

LUNCH: Leftovers are a wonderful thing... yes they are. Today's lunch consisted of left-over General Tso's chicken. There was not enough rice, however, and so I had to make the dreaded "minute rice" to make up for the shortfall. Instant rice sucks... don't eat it unless you are severely short on time or have no other options. I had somewhere to be shortly after this meal, and so I didn't have the time to make the long grain brown rice we had in the cupboard.

INNER: Lean Cuisine makes many simple meal solutions... one of them is a bag full of stuff that you throw in the microwave for 8.5 minutes. Out pops some kind of meal... in this case a 3 cheese chicken pasta concoction. Pretty tasty... not ideal... but pretty tasty!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

sunday sunday sunday...

Day 4...

BREAKFAST: Today I once again went for a simple breakfast... Fruit Loops. You already know my story on this meal. Please check back to day 2 for additional information.

LUNCH: Remember when I said I made too much Chicken Pasta Caesar Salad?? Well I did... and so Mandy and I ate it for Lunch today. Usually when you eat this the chicken and pasta are both hot, but since it was leftovers they were cool. Still tasty, but I prefer it fresh out the oven... yup!

DINNER: I have a passion for Chinese food... well at least the American version. Because I am not able to go to one of my favorite chinese joints (ie. East Buffet... aka the 4.98)... tonight I made some General Tsos chicken with some white rice. This bowl turned out to be massive, and so I only ate half of what was in the bowl. More leftovers are calling! PS - I don't usually eat Chinese food with a fork... chopsticks are a necessity. Since this was not made by a person of Chinese decent I have decided that it is okay that I ate this with a fork.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

the quest continues...

BREAKFAST: Day 3 breakfast is here, and today I decided I would have yet another classic morning food... toast. Upon my toast I spread some chunky peanut butter, and atop that was some local honey. Now rumor has it that if you eat local honey that it will help you with your allergies because the bee's and pollen and yada yada... I don't know if I buy it, but I did buy this honey at the Woodbine Farmers Market from a local honey farmer from Goodletsville. Good stuff!

LUNCH: This meal is one that was prepared many times in my college days. My good friend Marty introduced me to this delightful concoction, and I have made it ever since. Behold the infamous Chicken Pasta Ceasar Salad. You get your greens, your protein, your whole wheat pastas... top it of with some croutons and parmesan cheese and voila! I think I made too much... I see leftovers in the future!

DINNER: Once we were finished eating lunch and took an afternoon nap there were some tasks around the house to take care of. After cleaning up the house, mowing the lawn, fertilizing the lawn, and then watching the lawn get watered for a while... it was dinner time. Because it was so nice outside it I decided to fire up the grill and make some kabobs! The chicken marinated for a while, and then once they were almost done I brushed a small amount of honey BBQ sauce on them. SO GOOD! We also had some BBQ potatoes. The kind that my mother always made while I was growing up.

Friday, June 24, 2011

BBQ... day 2...

Day 1 is in the books, and now it is on to number two! I think Regina has already conceded that she will owe me a couple tasty BBQ sandwiches... but I still need to document this week in foods...

BREAKFAST: Today was a classic breakfast that goes way back into my memories. My mother never really got us sugary cereals, and so whenever I went to Grama and Grampa's house I would get a colourful (we were in Canada and so that is how you spell it) bowl of Fruit Loops! This is not a regular part of my morning routine, but a nice change from Life or Honey Nut Cheerios.

The joy of making pasta for dinner is that you almost always have leftovers for lunch the next day! Opa! (not Oprah) I also had a Fiber 1 bar and a Cherry Coke Zero... but that was in yesterdays photo... didn't want them to look the same! ha.
All of these tasty delights were placed in a plastic bag by yours truly and then brought to work for a mid day meal.

DINNER: Well my sister-in-law was in for a pleasant surprise when she asked Mandy and I if we wanted to stay for dinner tonight. She was going to make a lasagna for dinner... and so in order for me to be able to eat I took over the preparation. She sat back with a glass of wine... and I did the "hard work" of baking the lasagna. Now this is not the most difficult dinner to make, but Stouffer's lasagna is really good! I also toasted some garlic bread, and made some chocolate chip cookies for desert. Not a bad little meal!

Thursday, June 23, 2011

the quest for 2 BBQ sandwiches...

So... In an attempt to get a guy at Rocketown to not wear sunglasses for 2 days Regina told him she would buy him 2 BBQ sandwiches if he could pull it off. This conversation was going on in the offices, and soon Ben was upset that he didn't get a similar offer... and so soon everyone was getting a task that they would have to complete for the ultimate reward of 2 BBQ sandwiches.

Now for some reason when it got around to me it was no longer a 2 day deal... but a 1 week deal. Regina seems to think that I would be unable to make every meal that I eat for an entire week... no eating out... no having Mandy make me food... all prepared by myself. Now I am sure she has already forgotten about this little challenge, but I am now going to document this process to ensure my reward of 2 BBQ sandwiches at the end of this week. I am thinking Jacks BBQ downtown should suffice... so here we go my friends... Day 1.

BREAKFAST: Today I decided to make myself a classic breakfast... the "Cowboy Eggs." Don't know who named it or why they are for cowboys, but its bread with a whole cut in the center. You then fry the egg inside the vacant space between the crusts. Brilliant... right? Top that off with a cup of coffee... too good.

LUNCH: Simplicity was key today as I didn't have much time before having to leave for work. It's a turkey and cheese sandwhich, a couple tasty snacks, and a Cherry Coke Zero. How delightful.

DINNER: Tonight was a rather simple meal... pasta. We had some kind of "veggie rotini" pasta in the cupboard that has a full serving of vegetables in each 4oz serving. On top of that was a nice mixture of alfredo and red sauces with a light sprinkling of some shredded mozzarella cheese (we were out of parmesan).

Monday, June 20, 2011

rocking on a rocking chair...

So we started to rip out the bathroom, and then decided we should probably work outside before the heat of the summer kicked in. We worked on replacing some old beds around the house, and then decided to take care of the front of the house. In the first picture you will see our old front porch with its nasty... rusting... bending... iron supports. We replaced those with wood, and built a little wooden front porch so we can put a chair on it.

Its not completely done yet... but this is where we take a break until after the summer. Time to get back working on the bathroom!



Monday, March 14, 2011

baths, rooms, and demolition...

We have begun another little remodel here at the Sloan household. We are gutting the bathroom, and starting all over again! We have a couple more hours of work to take the linoleum, ceiling, and bathtub out... then it will be time to start putting it back together. Good times...